inner sheath

inner sheath
внутренняя оболочка

English-Russian dictionary of terminology cable technology.

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  • inner sheath of optic nerve — internal sheath of optic nerve vagina interna nervi optici …   Medical dictionary

  • inner sheath — The material that encases the two central microtubules of the ciliary axoneme.1. Hoechst 33258 dye …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Inner limiting membrane — [[Image: |250px|]] Section of retina. (Membrana limitans interna labeled at right, at top …   Wikipedia

  • sheath — 1. Any enveloping structure, such as the membranous covering of a muscle, nerve, or blood vessel. Any sheathlike structure. SYN: vagina (1). 2. The prepuce of male animals, especially of the horse. 3. A specially designed tu …   Medical dictionary

  • sheath flame — the outer area of an oxyacetylene flame surrounding the inner cone and the flame feather …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • root sheath — n the epidermal lining of a hair follicle * * * 1. an epithelial extension of the cervical loop of the enamel organ, consisting of the inner and outer enamel epithelium, and directing the number and morphological growth of the roots. It is… …   Medical dictionary

  • Root sheath — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = 234 GrayPage = 1068 Caption = Transverse section of hair follicle. Caption2 = Precursor = System = Artery = Vein = Nerve = Lymph = MeshName = MeshNumber = DorlandsPre = s 10 DorlandsSuf =… …   Wikipedia

  • Outer root sheath — The outer root sheath of the hair follicle encloses the inner root sheath and hair shaft.[1] It is continuous with the basal layer of the interfollicular epidermis (skin). References ^ James, William; Berger, Timothy; Elston, Dirk (2005) Andrews… …   Wikipedia

  • Myelin sheath gap — Drawing of a peripheral nerve axon (labeled axis cylinder ), showing a node of Ranvier along with other features …   Wikipedia

  • root sheath — noun 1. a. : a many layered epidermal sheath surrounding an aerial root (as the velamen in an epiphytic orchid) b. : coleorhiza 2. : the epidermal lining of a hair follicle comprising two principal layers of cells that make up an inner and an… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Thermoplastic sheath — Thermo Plastic Sheathed (TPS) cable normally consists of a white or off white outer sheath of thermoplastic, one or more inner coloured thermoplastic sheaths, and a core or cores of plain annealed copper, either single or multi strand. These… …   Wikipedia

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